Why You Should Be Using QR Codes in Your Offline Marketing!

QR code for alisongrahamweb.com

If you have looked at any printed advertising recently, chances are that you have noticed ads including QR (Quick response) codes like the one I have pictured here. This one contains the URL (address) of this website! Many small business owners are missing a trick by not including a QR code in their advertising and today, I am going to explain why.

​Let Potential Customers Capture Your Contact Details - Instantly!
Offline marketing, taking advertisements in local publications, posting leaflets and flyers can all be really effective ways of getting new customers and informing new and existing clients of special offers, new products and services and so on.

​By using offline marketing, you are relying on the person reading your ad, or leaflet, keeping hold of it, or writing down your contact details or committing the details to memory. Not always easy with the hundreds of other things we all have to think about these days!

​By including a QR code with your advertising message or information leaflet - and even on your business cards, you ensure that anyone with a smartphone can scan in this information - instantly, so it does not get lost, thrown away, or forgotten about!

​There are many free 'apps' available to download and that will enable scanning of QR code information whatever mobile phone device your customers are using. Once a suitable app is installed, getting your information onto their phone only involves opening the app and taking a picture of the QR code block. Once the picture has been taken, the app will 'ask' if you want to visit the target (this could be your website - if you don't currently have a website for your business, why not find out more about our website building service?).

​If you are offering a special offer, deal or great service, people will want to share it with their friends - all they need to do is just send the picture of the QR code to their friends' phones as most of these 'bar-code' reader apps will accept one sent from another phone. People love to share things so this is a great way of getting more exposure for your business!

​Once the image of the code has been photographed it is stored on the phone so it will not get lost giving your marketing message in any printed publication a much greater chance of getting you more business!

​Use QR codes everywhere!

Make it easy for people to capture information about your company instantly and be able to keep it safe until needed.

​Put these codes on:

  • All your marketing and sales literature
  • On packaging
  • On your vehicle signage
  • On staff uniforms
  • In fact, put it anywhere you want your message noticed!

If you would like me to create a QR code that you can use on your literature or advertisements, please use the Contact form to get in touch - prices from just £5!

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